Apologetics 6 Class Course

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Apologetics 6 Class Course $35.00

Apologetics is something that is absolutely essential for our time and culture. It is biblical, it is spiritual, it is vital. For the first time, under one cover, we have put together a 6 class course to equip people with the tools necessary to engage our culture. Each course comes with full length notes to follow through and assist you in your learning. Use it for personal growth or for group studies! I know this course will strengthen your faith, convict your walk for the better and increase not only your knowledge but your hunger for God.

Contents: 6 Discs (Approximately 8 hours run time), 30 pages of study guide notes, and an optional test to evaluate your comprehension.

Six Class Apologetics Course:

  • Disc 1 : Loving God With All Your Mind
  • Disc 2: World View Thinking
  • Disc 3: World View Analysis and Logical Fallacies
  • Disc 4: Arguments For God’s Existence Part 1
  • Disc 5: Arguments For God’s Existence Part 2
  • Disc 6: Jesus and Why I’m Not An Atheist

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