Question #6 Free Will to Sin in Heaven?

Question: Concerning last weeks question that can be viewed here

If evil is something that we can’t get rid of but rather will be quarantined, is that suggesting that even in the after life we will be able to do evil in Heaven?

Response:Awesome question and there are different views on that. It boils down to free will to sin in heaven. One view is that essentially in heaven God will take away peoples free will to sin because they have already done their part here on earth and heaven will just be blissful. The view I take, however, is one that we will still have free will to sin, but now being in God’s presence and in a new afterlife, the desire to sin will simply not be in us once we see and understand the majesty of it all. Let me illustrate this through an analogy. I have the free will right now to go outside and eat dog feces off dog poopthe grass. However, it has never once crossed my mind to do so and not only that, but the mere thought of it alone is utterly unappealing to me. That being said, in heaven will the free will to sin still be there? I believe so. But i also believe given the full experience of God’s glory, the thought of it alone, (much like the dog poo) would be utterly unappealing. After all, the only reason we sin here on earth is because of its appeal of the immediate satisfaction that it will bring us. In heaven, there will be no need for that given that we will have more than what we need and then some.

-Eric Hernandez

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  • November 19, 2014 at 12:13

    Awesome question, I’ve been wondering this myself. Super awesome response! Keep up the good work.


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