Eric Hernandez

I have a strong passion for both philosophy and theology. I strongly believe that the two are unavoidable and that every body practices philosophy and theology whether they realize it or not.

The only problem is that most of it is bad philosophy or theology.
Even the person who says philosophy isn’t necessary just gave a philosophical reason as to what they think about the field of philosophy in relation to their lives.
And even the atheist who says there is not God are themselves making a theological statement about Him. So its not a matter of simply choosing to not engage in these studies, because every area of our lives always come back to them. Rather it is a question of how do we get a better mindset about them.
As believers we are mandated to be intellectual and not merely emotional.
The greatest commandment as given by Christ in Matthew 22:37 reads, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind”

The word mind word literally means your intellect and faculty of understanding. Christianity is not something you come to and leave your mind at the door as if believing in God means we play dumb about everything else. As someone once said, “Christians don’t get brownie points for being dumb.” Thus this has been my passion: to equip believers with the necessary tools both intellectually and spiritually to live a flourishing relationship with God. It is my prayer that this ministry could at the very least spark an interest in the minds of believers to begin to engage at a deeper level the knowledge of who God is. Thus I have adamantly participated in public debates with atheist professors in hopes that the stragglers, back sliders, non believers and even weak minded Christians could hear, perhaps for the first time, a wholesome, thought out, articulation of who God is and see this defended on an intellectual and academic level and perhaps retrace their steps back to their Creator.

For this reason I have fervently taught on subjects of God, theology, philosophy and apologetics; not just in churches that have invited me but also secular college campuses that have invited me to speak or defend the truth of God. This being said I ask for your prayers and support. The day I fully sold out to God I remember Him telling me to always follow Him and go wherever He told me to. I told him I would under one condition: that He would always equip me with the tools I needed and we made a deal that night. Little did I know or expect He would call me to such a hostile, front line sort of ministry like this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.