Eric Hernandez

 Eric Hernandez is a dynamic, young, evangelistic and apologetically inclined pastor and teacher who has a passion for proclaiming the gospel and defending his faith on theological and philosophical grounds. He is a licensed minister, a certified formation therapist and a former instructor of Magdiel Bible Institute. He is well respected and sought after for his evangelistic messages, expository ability and insight into apologetics. Eric has spoken and debated on a public level at university and college campuses where he adamantly and adequately defends the Christian faith against atheist, agnostic and deistic professors of different worldviews. He holds an associate degree in social science, a bachelor degree in theology, a certificate in apologetics from Biola University and is currently enrolled as a PhD student with Trinity Seminary. He began Eric Hernandez Ministries which encompasses speaking engagements, apologetic seminars, weekend training courses and debates that have taken him across the nation and around the world. He is married to Kendall and they have one daughter, Adyson Grace, and one son, Hudson Ryan.