debates Debates
Eric Hernandez has openly debated with atheist professors of philosophy, psychology and the like on various topics including but not limited to: God’s existence, Morality, Evil and Suffering, Religion, and Philosophy. He has been invited to engage in debate or discussion in: philosophy classrooms, college campus organizations/auditoriums, and church hosted debates. Have a professor or skeptic you’d like to see Eric engage in debate with? Please contact us

Weddings Weddings
Eric Hernandez is a licensed minister under Dominion International and is therefore certified to perform all duties and privileges that one is allotted to as a licensed minster. Officiating wedding ceremonies includes premarital counseling.

Speaking_Arrengements Speaking Engagements
Eric Hernandez has spoken at a wide variety of churches, states, denominations and even college campuses. His speaking engagements have ranged from preaching biblical and theological truths about God and His word, giving lectures, teaching on apologetics and the defense of the faith, being invited to college campuses to speak, interact with students or simply there to answer questions about God, apologetics, theology and Christianity.