Eric Hernandez is a dynamic evangelist and apologist with a heart for proclaiming the gospel and defending the faith on theological and philosophical grounds. He’s the author of the book, The Lazy Approach to Evangelism: A Simple Guide for Conversing with Nonbelievers, which has been endorsed by J.P. Moreland, Mike Licona, J Warner Wallace, Frank Turek, and Lee Strobe, and contributed a chapter to the book, Faith Examined: New Arguments for Persistent Questions. He’s a licensed minister, a certified formation therapist, and the Apologetics Lead and Millennial Specialist for The Baptist General Convention of Texas. Eric has spoken and debated on a public level at college campuses where he adamantly defended the Christian faith against skeptic, atheist, and agnostic professors of different worldviews. He holds an associate degree in social science, a bachelor’s degree in theology, and a certificate in apologetics from Biola University.